Supplementary equipment

Supplementary equipment for axspin digital inkjet printers

Automated loading and unloading of cans for RP/2RP series 

  • Optional automated loading system replaces manual loading
  • Components include:
    • Inbound conveyor
    • Outbound conveyor
    • Manipulator
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Manipulator uses a combination of pneumatic and electrical actuators

  • Can or tube separator

  • Placement system automatically inserts unprinted product into the thorn

  • Pick-up system automatically removes printed product from the thorn

Before plasma treatment  

After plasma treatment  

Plasma surface treatment

  • All mechanical and electrical parts included

  • Two nozzle systems 

  • Installation

  • Compressed air required

Flammbing treatment

  • All mechanical and electrical parts included

  • Nozzle system

  • Installation

  • Natural gas or LPG connection required

AXPO9-KP active filtration unit with regulation 

  • For use with KP series printers

  • Electronic regulation by frequency changer

  • The first set of filtration capsules included

Mechanical holders for cylindrical or conical objects in RP & 2RP series printers

  • One adaptor is required for each product size

  • Manual exchange of holders required

  • Holders exchanged by loosening two screws

Automated holders for cylindrical or conical objects in RP & 2RP series printers

  • Fully automated to manage various product sizes be printed in a printing run

  • Size adjustment made only to the first product to be printed in a printing run

  • Electronically adjustable in 2-axis

  • Maximum movement diameter: 150 mm

  • Maximum movement length: 200 mm

Extra quiet air compressor

  • Useful in public spaces to reduce noise (exhibitions, etc.)
  • Noise level: 45 – 47 dB
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar
  • Volume: 200 l/min

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