The axspin digital inkjet UV printers are developed for very high flexibility & productivity & special effects

The axspin machines are designed for print on conical and cylidrical objects from Ø10 mm to Ø300 mm.

Personalization without additional costs

  • No additional cost to change designs. Easily select a new design or load your job automatically from a database with the axprint software system
  • Change designs in seconds
  • Print personalized designs for increased sales and profit
  • Custom one-off prints for clients at no additional cost
  • Easily change and print parts of the design: text, names, product numbers, logos or colors

High productivity and flexibility

  • Production time of only 2,5 seconds per piece
  • Easily switch between conical and cylindrical objects with our fast change holders
  • Only several seconds to change holders with our automated holding system
  • Only 3 minutes to change holders manually
  • White and Varnish possible to add to CMYK inks
  • Instantly dry surface with UV LED ink curing
  • Software designed for conical and cylindrical objects graphics- no need for additional graphics work
  • Full automation possible

Photo quality printing with special effects

  • Offer customers value-added printing with 3D spot varnish, metallization and spot colors
  • Ultra-high optical resolution of 960 x 960 dpi
  • CMYK color configuration extensible with additional color channels: White color
  • Varnish color: matt and glossy
  • Spot color: up to 8 additional colors
  • There are 16.000.000 possible colors with 4-color CMYK inks
  • Unlimited number of potential designs

Fully print beverage cans, including the neck

  • Print the entire beverage can surface for the best appearance
  • Many other systems do not print the neck
  • Fully printed cans provide top quality results
  • No minimum production quantity required

Low rotary printing costs

  • CMYK ink consumption is 18 – 24 ml per square meter at 100% coverage
  • Printing cost for a 250 ml can – with 100% ink coverage –starts at € 0,0215 per piece
  • No additional cost for changing designs between printing jobs
  • No minimum production quantity

Increase Sales, Profit & Market Share

  • Win new customers with special printing effects and product personalization
  • Special printing effects = higher prices = higher profits
  • Personalized products increase sales quantities
  • Personalized products sell for premium prices with better profit margins
  • Offer unique printing against competitors for increased market share

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